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Welcome to the Dillo Website

Dillo is a fast and small graphical web browser with the following features:

Read the user manual to discover how to use all the features.


Plan9 website Armadillo Wikipedia page Suckless website Aaron Swartz website Hacker News website 100 Rabbits website

...see the gallery for more pictures and screenshots.

Project objectives

Check the old website for more details. The domain is no longer under control of Dillo developers.


Download the latest release of Dillo or fetch the latest changes from the git repository and follow the instructions in the README to install it.


We always welcome contributions, here are several ways in which you can help:


Dillo can easily be extended by plugins to support new protocols. Plugins are written in any language and interact using the standard input and output. Here are some of them:

Plugin Protocol Language Description
dillo-plugin-gemini gemini:// Bash Gemini protocol plugin
dillo-plugin-gopher gopher:// C Gopher protocol plugin
dillo-plugin-ipfs ipfs://, ipns:// Go IPFS protocol plugin
dillo-plugin-man man:// Bash Renders man pages in HTML
dillo-plugin-spartan spartan:// Bash Spartan protocol plugin

To add a new plugin to this list, open a PR or send an email with a link to your repository and a short description.

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