============================================================================= Dillo project ============================================================================= dillo-2.2.1 [July 18, 2011] +- Fix fullwindow start. - Implemented "View source" as a dpi. - Fix: vsource html, fix entities display, indentation. - Accept application/xhtml+xml. - Small caps support. - Border-collapse, border-style properties. - Removed gcc warnings for 64bit Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid +- Configurable User-Agent HTTP header. Patch: Alexander Voigt, corvid +- Include Accept header in HTTP queries. - Work with libpng-1.4. - Handle zero-width space. - Fix segfault closing window from WM. - Limit total number of cookies. - Use the suffix/subdomain field in cookies.txt. - Follow most specific matching rule in cookiesrc. - Fix segfault with form inputs and repush for stylesheets. - Handle white-space: pre-wrap and pre-line. - Support for the word-spacing property. - Fix segfault with https and self-signed certificates. - Text-indent property. Patches: corvid +- Reintroduce bg_color dillorc option. - Make Dillo compile with Clang. - Fix Textblock flushing. - Support !important in style attributes. Patches: Johannes Hofmann +- Implement line-height. - Draw image maps when image not loaded. Patches: Johannes Hofmann, corvid +- Support @media rules. - Implement media-conditional @import rules. - Configure/Makefile cleanup. - Fix meta refresh looping. Patches: Jeremy Henty ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- dillo-2.2 [Feb 11, 2010] +- Added keybindings for scrolling. - Help button and local help file. Patches: corvid, Jorge Arellano Cid +- Add support for multiple class names in CSS. - Fix X11 coordinate overflows with huge borders. - Improve CSS font parsing. - Enable font face setting via element. - Ignore XML comment markers in CSS. - Split up long lines in plain.cc to avoid X11 coordinate overflows. - Fix user agent style for nested