Dillo release 3.1.0

Released on 2024-05-04

Summary of changes

Since the last release 3.0.5 from 2015 a lot of things have happened to the Dillo project. A plot of number of commits over time colored by authors. There is a missing gap from mid 2002 to mid 2008. And from 2017 to end of 2023 there is almost no commits. Here is a short timeline to put things into perspective:

This release contains a lot of changes accumulated from the 2015-2017 period, as well as fixes and small features introduced in 2024. Here is a summary:

In memory of Sebastian Geerken.


To download the 3.1.0 release, get it from the GitHub release page or directly from the links below:

Detailed changes

This is the list of changes from the ChangeLog of this release: