Dillo v3.1.1-14-g8f67d6e0
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 Handling of HTTP AUTH takes place here.
 A simple ADT for bit arrays.
 Data structures for each browser window.
 Cache API.
 Concomitant control chain (CCC).
 Handling of cookies takes place here.
 UI dialogs.
 Dillo web browser.
 Support for dpi/dpip from Dillo's side.
 The GIF decoder for dillo.
 Linear history (it also provides indexes for the navigation stack)
 HTTP Strict Transport Security.
 Dillo HTML parsing routines.
 The DilloImage data-structure and methods.
 The jpeg decoder for dillo.
 A simple ADT for Key-Data pairs.
 Fast list methods.
 Independent implementation of MD5 (RFC 1321).
 Functions for menus.
 Support for a navigation stack.
 Module for decoding a text/plain object into a dw widget.
 The png decoder for Dillo.
 Preferences parser.
 Table parsing functions.
 Simple ADT for timeout functions.
 UI for Dillo.
 Functions/Methods for commands triggered from the UI.
 Parse and normalize all URL's inside Dillo.
 Parse and normalize all URL's inside Dillo.