The Dillo Web Browser The Dillo Web Browser

Current plans

Note that a low priority doesn't necessarily mean that it has to wait; it might just be that no one has volunteered to work on it yet...

[*] finished [+] prototype at least [-] pending

High priority

[*] CSS   [Checklist] [Details]
[*] Hyphenation.
[+] Floating elements in Textblock.
[-] Handle negative margins in dw.

Medium priority

[*] Fix X coordinate overflows.
[*] Digest authentication.
[+] move https from dpi into browser.
[-] https: implement certificate caching.
[-] Preferences dpi.
[-] Fix anchor scrolling.

Low priority

[*] improve nowrap.
[*] Image backgrounds.
[+] Throttle HTML rendering at Html_write or similar place.
[+] Graphical plugins framework.
[+] javascript.
[-] <thead>, <tfoot> and others.
[-] more sophisticated line breaking in dw.