The Dillo Web Browser The Dillo Web Browser


Starting with version 3.0.4, dillo can perform web searches from the address bar. Set up search prefixes with the search_url preference in dillorc. 35K 20150520
Automatic hyphenation (new in dillo-3.0.3) and small panel size 85K 20130317
Configurable UI colors. (new in dillo-3.0.3) 120K 20130317
This page with default dillorc options. 210K 20110804
Page source. 130K 20110804
GNU project in Chinese (font_sans_serif="文泉驛正黑") 180K 20110718
FLTK has a few widget schemes built in, and now you can set this in dillorc. From top to bottom, theme = "none", "gtk+", and "plastic". 95K 20110913
PS fltk-1.3.3 added "gleam" in 2014.
FLTK configured without antialiasing (--disable-xft). font_sans_serif=helvetica. 35K 20110916
Did you know that dillo has an http_language option? (http_language="uk" [Ukrainian]). 65K 20111012
Dillo has a font_factor option in dillorc that lets you magnify text. (font_factor=1.5). 95K 20111017

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