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Memory usage

Brief browser comparison

The following table summarizes results obtained using a standard Ubuntu 8.10, 32bit. This numbers are explained and commented briefly afterwards.

dillo-2.1 8148 3872 ./dillo (empty)
26936 19196 ./dillo DragonFly.html (1.1MB HTML)
178684174620./dillo MySQL-6.0.html (13MB HTML)
119788113096./dillo MySQL-6.0.html (no IMG) 7.2
dillo-0.8.6 16592 3960 ./d086 (empty)
83784 35748 ./d086 DragonFly.html (1.1MB HTML)
357320293796./d086 MySQL-6.0.html (13MB HTML)
297224234344./d086 MySQL-6.0.html (no IMG) 16.3
firefox-3.0.8 10088437572 ./firefox (empty)
12318459688 ./firefox DragonFly.html (1.1MB HTML)
312652241016./firefox MySQL-6.0.html (13MB HTML)
328352237560./firefox MySQL-6.0.html (no IMG) 15

This numbers are the basis to claim that dillo2 uses half the memory footprint of dillo1. Just check the last row or compare the factor.

The "factor" is calculated with the RSS for the MySQL manual (with no images), minus the empty RSS, minus 13MB, all divided by 13MB. The memory-cached page is subtracted to get a clean HTML-to-Widgets factor.

This is, if you have a 130KB html page, factor*130KB will be used for rendering.