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dw Namespace Reference

Dw is in this namespace, or sub namespaces of this one. More...


namespace  core
 The core of Dw is defined in this namespace.
namespace  fltk
 This namespace contains FLTK implementations of Dw interfaces.
namespace  oof
 Out Of Flow.
namespace  tablecell
 Provided some common implementations of virtual widget methods.


class  AlignedTableCell
class  AlignedTextblock
 Base widget for all textblocks (sub classes of dw::Textblock), which are positioned vertically and aligned horizontally. More...
class  Bullet
 Displays different kind of bullets. More...
class  Hyphenator
class  Image
 Displays an instance of dw::core::Imgbuf. More...
class  ImageMapsList
 Represents a list of client-side image maps. More...
class  ListItem
class  RegardingBorder
 Base class (rather a tag interface) for those widgets regarding borders defined by floats, and so allocated on the full width. More...
class  Ruler
 Widget for drawing (horizontal) rules. More...
class  SimpleContainer
 Simple widget used for testing concepts. More...
class  SimpleTableCell
class  Table
 A Widget for rendering tables. More...
class  Textblock
 A Widget for rendering text blocks, i.e. More...
class  Trie
class  TrieBuilder


enum  { IMPL_POS = false }
 Used (temporally) for code related to positioned elements. More...

Detailed Description

Dw is in this namespace, or sub namespaces of this one.

The core can be found in dw::core, widgets are defined directly here.

See also
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Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Used (temporally) for code related to positioned elements.


Definition at line 16 of file core.hh.